Everyday Espionage | The Lectures

The mission of Everyday Espionage is to educate. We live in a world over run with information: facts, figures, offers, opinions. Espionage is the art of collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing information into actionable advantages. Education is the key to it all.

The Everyday Espionage lectures are designed to be fun and informative for a wide range of audiences. Espionage is dynamic, and the lectures cover a diverse set of topics from business strategy to personal security; influence to negotiations.

If you are looking to attract people to your fundraiser, host an unforgettable business event, or provide meaningful training with a side of spy stories, Everyday Espionage can help.

In addition to our existing lecture topics, we are available to produce unique/customized lectures tailored for your audience.

Espionage may go undetected, but it is never ignored. Let’s get started!