Everyday Espionage | Streetcraft

There is no better way to learn than through fully immersive, interactive, real-time training. All great intelligence agencies put their field officers through challenging but controlled real world training scenarios. Ranging from hours to months, these scenarios shape an intelligence officer’s physical reflexes, critical thinking skills, risk tolerance, and leadership potential.

Streetcraft is a unique, elite training program for individuals seeking an experience unlike anything else in the world. A 1-day immersive course, Streetcraft teaches risk management, prioritization, problem solving and teamwork through the lens of real-world espionage. Class sizes are limited to ensure that students get maximum personal instruction from former covert CIA intelligence officer Andrew Bustamante before being sent on a 4-6 hour unilateral mission. Each mission, carried out in real-time in the real world, will require that students execute black acts and operate in alias while being actively monitored by covert surveillance. While the mission outcome rests in the hands of each individual participant, there is no question that the skills and lessons learned will live-on long after the mission ends.

Streetcraft pushes students to new cognitive levels and permanently destroys common conventional thinking. The experience of a lifetime and the skills of spy await you…