How You Can Learn

Everyday Espionage | The Lectures

Using modern-day headlines and historical events, Andrew demonstrates how espionage shapes your daily life by teaching you the pattern, process, and principles of spying. Discover how the timeless tools of influence, intrigue, and intent can help you gain personal and professional advantages that can forever change your future.

Everyday Espionage | Streetcraft

This creative, fully immersive one-day experience takes you into the heart of espionage – Alias Operations. Students will practice risk management, resource prioritization, and teamwork while executing a series of real-world objectives in tailored alias identities. Surveillance, black acts, and covert signaling are the backdrop for an educational experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Everyday Espionage | The Podcast

Let Everyday Espionage come to you by following our podcast! Released in November 2018, we present a new espionage concept and real-world application each week for listeners to practice and apply on their own.