#EverydaySpy Tour

What is an #everydayspy?

Spies are just people; everyday people trained to do amazing things. Spies pay taxes, save for retirement, watch sitcoms and experience all the same highs and lows of any average American. And while Hollywood makes us think that spy training requires elite athleticism, multiple language fluency, and dashing good looks, the truth is quite the opposite.

Spies must blend in anytime, anywhere. I don’t know about you, but I think most of the great spy heroes of film and fiction wouldn’t be my first choice to hide in plain sight. Yes – there are times when special skills and training are required, but the fundamentals of espionage are more than enough to transform ordinary people into extraordinary protagonists.

Enter the #everydayspy – the seemingly plain, utterly forgettable individual with the ability to shape the decisions, actions and future of everyone around them. These are the men and women that dismantle terrorist operations, penetrate foreign governments, and undermine external threats from the inside out. But like me, we don’t all stay hidden behind the beige walls of Langley or the mirrored windows of Fort Meade. We learn to apply our skills in relationships, in business, and in all aspects of everyday life.

I believe all people have the capacity to become Everyday Spies – what they lack is the knowledge. But like all great truths, knowledge cannot be kept hidden forever. It always finds its way to the surface.

And so my wife and I, two former covert CIA intelligence officers, have chosen to make it our mission to share our knowledge from sea to shining sea. We call it the #Everydayspy Tour – 50 States in 3 years, speaking and spreading the espionage skills that allow us to shape the world around us.

Like so many missions before this, we’ve sold or donated nearly everything we own and will rely on raw curiosity, creativity and passion to drive us forward. We are basing the tour (and our family of 4) out of a 31′ Winnebago Motorhome codenamed “Sacagawea.” We launch from Florida on December 9th, 2018 with plans to be in Maine by August 2019!

While the way we serve has changed, the oath we once took to support and defend our country has not. Now, we offer our voices and our expertise in appreciation of those still protecting our freedom. Join us, learn the skills, and begin your #everydayspy mission today!

Training Day

The first day of training is always the hardest. You don’t know what to expect; your mind races with uncertainty and anticipation; you are surrounded by new faces and new places; the unknown presses in from all around.

But the first day of training is special for another reason also; it is the last day of your old life and the first day of your new life. Those who make it through training come out stronger and more resilient than ever before. Even those who wash-out or drop-out leave forever changed by their training experience. Training day is the day the old dies and the new is born.

At its core, Everyday Espionage is a training platform. It seeks to permanently change all who come in contact with it. My training with CIA was profound, and I want to share that feeling – that freedom – with everyone.

The world as you know it is tinted, colored by subjectivity and bias. Let Everyday Espionage take off the filter and show you your world with unique clarity. Where others see shadows, you will see truth. Where challenge resides, so too do champions.

Follow the Everyday Espionage Podcast – training starts 11/13!

Everyday Spy

Everyday Espionage intends to challenge conventional thinking, cultivate elite achievers, and change the future of our world.

Our world is built on a series of acceptable behaviors and shared assumptions. This is conventional thinking. Those who act within the norm are accepted. Those who act outside the norm are rejected. But there is a third group…a group that rides the narrow road in between.

The space between ‘accepted’ and ‘rejected’ is full of fear, doubt and loneliness – but it is also the only road to greatness. Every hero of history and legend chose to leave behind the common in pursuit of the uncommon. And we can do the same.

I thought I was uncommon when I had my first vertical takeoff in an F-15. I thought I was uncommon when I took control of 200 nuclear missiles. I tought I was uncommon when I accepted my undercover identity and swore to serve in the US Central Intelligence Agency. I was wrong.

I was following a path shaped by my achievement but directed by others. And so it is with many of us, as we seek to satisfy in pursuit of promises; as we pledge loyalty and lose leverage. This is common convention – doing what is expected of us and seeking external rewards.

CIA taught me that conventional thinking can be predicted, directed… controlled. And even as I learned the secrets of negotiation and manipulation, I could see myself and my peers falling into the same cycle of conventional thinking. We all wanted to be accepted, to be rewarded, and we were willing to do anything to get there.

Our world will never change as long as our thinking stays the same. I am proud of my history of service, but now my mission is one of change. And whether I am accepted or rejected, mine is the path of doubt, fear, and greatness.