I’ve worked on a lot of projects for other people. Some took weeks, some months, and others years. But no other project has compared to launching my own podcast in terms of excitement, fear, doubt, and joy!

The Everyday Espionage Podcast officially launched on November 13th, 2018. An unknown and untested podcast, I was humbled to receive material and financial support from four official sponsors. The entire podcast was conceived, recorded and engineered by the talented team at Stereo Lab Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. The only role I had to play was creating the content and delivering the message!

With a wonderful family supporting me through my master’s degree and a full-time job, it was my limited free time that got used up recording 13 episodes of the first season. There were days I doubted we would finish, days I feared sounding like a fool, even days lost to equipment malfunctions and schedule conflicts. But I leaned on those around me recognizing it was their support, not my talent, that would make the podcast real…

It is now in your hands, my fellow everyday spies, to decide if we were successful or not. The podcast is live on your favorite podcast platforms and available to you for comment, subscription, and review.

Share the message or shoot the messenger? Whichever you choose, know that it is your choice to make.

Special thanks to:

William Miller – creator of the best-selling Jake Noble book series

The St. Petersburg City Theatre

Marone law Group

Triggermouth T-shirts of St. Petersburg, Florida

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