Everyday Espionage

Everyday Espionage is an integrated education and training platform that teaches international espionage tactics that benefit our everyday life. Welcome to spy school.

Using the same learn/apply/live approach as leading international spy agencies, Everyday Espionage is grounded in experiential learning; learning and applying knowledge in real-time to create permanent change. Designed to challenge conventional thinking and shift traditional paradigms, Everyday Espionage improves cognitive performance, logical reasoning, and emotional intelligence for individuals and teams. Secrets once reserved for the world’s elite intelligence services are now made available to those brave enough to take on the challenge.


How You Can Learn

Everyday Espionage | The Lectures

Using modern-day headlines and historical events, Andrew demonstrates how espionage shapes your daily life by teaching you the pattern, process, and principles of spying. Discover how the timeless tools of influence, intrigue, and intent can help you gain personal and professional advantages that can forever change your future.

Everyday Espionage | Streetcraft

This creative, fully immersive one-day experience takes you into the heart of espionage – Alias Operations. Students will practice risk management, resource prioritization, and teamwork while executing a series of real-world objectives in tailored alias identities. Surveillance, black acts, and covert signaling are the backdrop for an educational experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Everyday Espionage | The Podcast

Let Everyday Espionage come to you by following our podcast! Released in November 2018, we present a new espionage concept and real-world application each week for listeners to practice and apply on their own.

About Everyday Espionage

Founded by former covert CIA intelligence officer Andrew Bustamante, Everyday Espionage brings the mystery and mastery of espionage into everyday life.

Andrew is on a mission to change the way people see their world. Success in international espionage requires dynamic thinking, creative problem solving, active collaboration, and superior interpersonal skills. Spies are trained to neutralize threats, predict human behavior, and control their environment to achieve operational success. The same tools that shift international power can shape the future of business, education, relationships, and more.

Everyday Espionage trains individuals and teams to gain unique advantage by leveraging influence, intelligence and intent. Techniques once reserved for the world’s elite spy agencies can now serve everyday people in their pursuit of personal and professional objectives.

There will always be secrets. Will you keep them, or be kept from them?

One Life. No Compromises.


Your most important mission awaits, and Everyday Espionage will give you the tools and techniques to succeed. What will you do to build the world you want?